My MiMi, a raggedy safety blanket that I have held dear since 1992, has remained under my pillow, and will continue to do so for years to come.

 Objects such as these, are physical representations of memory. An inanimate object can remind its owner of a specific time, place, or person and can thus help to maintain a connection to the past. The emotional bonds that we form with cherished sentimental items are irreplaceable and long lasting. 

 I am fascinated by the relationships that humans form with these objects. We are not taught to create these attachments to these treasured items, as it is a natural behavior. Most of these objects are not important due to their monetary value but our bond with them is unbreakable. 


I blend the object with its owner’s body to reveal the physical connection with a sentimental bond. These models, which are like you and I, reveal not only their body, but also part of who they are. The vulnerability these individuals felt, stemmed from letting go of not only their bare skin but also letting go of an object that speaks to who they are, without anything to hide behind or distractions. These photographs are natural visual depictions speaking to the truth of our emotional gravitas to trigger the most meaningful moments in life.