A butterfly, before becoming itself, goes through a multistep life cycle. The life begins at the egg where it is laid on a single leaf until it is time to hatch. Once the egg opens, the larva emerges. The caterpillar grows and expands until it sheds its outgrown skin. The third stage is one of most intriguing as once the caterpillar has finished growing, a chrysalis is formed. Inside this structure, the caterpillar is rapidly changing. Within the chrysalis the old body parts of the caterpillar are undergoing a remarkable transformation to become the beautiful components that make up the butterfly. Once the preparations have ended, the adult butterfly begins to emerge. It pumps blood into its soft and folded wings that rest upon its body. It begins to flap and start to fly, and that is when the metamorphosis is complete.

I see myself as this fragile creature as I have gone through a drastic life changing process. Through trauma, depression and an abusive relationship I feel that I have now been able to abandon my chrysalis and form into a butterfly. I no longer want my past events to define me as the things that were not in my power, seemed to have controlled my life. I want to leave the past behind, strip the layers and continue the journey to finding my true self.

I hope to produce a photo series that encompasses all of the past pain and suffering as well as the freedom and strength that I now hold. I use diptychs to contrast a still image to focus on the trapped feelings that I once had, along side of an active photo to portray the liveliness and motion of a butterfly, leaving and flying away.